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Guildline's 6664C Low Thermal Quad Scanner is the first commercial scanner capable of operating at 1000V. This has greatly improved the measurement/calibration throughput of standards laboratories, since many high ohm measurements can now be automated.

Guildline’s 6564 High to Ultra-High Resistance Scanners are the first commercial scanners capable of operating with measurement capabilities to 10 PΩ’s and at voltages to 1000 Vdc. This capability greatly improves the measurement and calibration throughput of high and ultra-high ohm resistance measurements. Standard laboratories can easily and quickly automate measuring single or multiple resistance values.

Guildline's NEW 3210 Series of Thermometry Auto-Switch with Pre-Heat automates temperature measurements including fixed points and thermometer calibrations.   Up to eight PRTs or other temperature devices can be connected with individually programmable DC currents from 20 µA to 150 mA.